Harrow-On-The-Hill Station

I've lived in Harrow just under a year and haven't really explored much.

Other than the Hogwarts-esque school on the top of the hill there isn't much in the way of good photography locations, or so I thought. I don't really use the station at Harrow-on-the-hill but had to one day last week due to my Euston train being broken. As soon as I got off the train I knew it was a great location to shoot. So, this weekend while doing a few errands in town, I took along my d810 with the 14-24 on it and my tripod.  

I went for a sunset shoot and what a sunset it was. It did last very long, only about 5 minutes and then the heavens opened so was there at just the right time for this shot.

I'm sure there are other hidden gems about, its just a case of having your eyes open to them I suppose.