DJI Spark gone with the wind

Today was my last day in Yorkshire and I took advantage of the half decent weather this morning by heading to one of the local parks to fly my drone. I did not take account how strong the wind was! it was stronger than I had first anticipated! I think I may need to invest in a wind gauge and maybe check weather reports more carefully.

So I was taking a shot looking down on the band stand, as I ascended the drone was pretty stable and elevating nicely. When I got to 60m however the drone got caught in a strong wind that it could not overcome and started to drift. No matter what I did the drone would not overcome it. I still had full control of the drone and my GPS signal was strong (checked the flight log) so this was definitely due to the wind. Im not sure even the trusty return home feature would have saved the spark here as it could not fight off the wind. Anyway I managed to get the drone to descend and changed its mode to sport mode, in sport mode the drone could thankfully overcome the wind. I managed to get it oriented the way I needed it and accelerated as hard out of the drift. Thankfully I overcame the wind and managed to get the drone under control.

Quite a scary experience but a good lesson learnt and my flying skills should have improved as a result. I think high altitude should only be attempted on a day with very little wind at all.