Lena Shoot 2

I had such a great first shoot with Lena so decided to arrange another one to cover some different techniques that we didn’t cover the first time around.

As with the last shoot, we got through what I wanted to do really quick, due to Lena being on time and being an experienced model with great posing skills, makes my job much easier.

Gear wise on this shoot I used my 50mm f1.4 for most shots and my 24-70 f2.8 with a 6 stop ND filter on the front for the long exposures.

lenashutter house04296-Edit.jpg
lenashutter house05365-Edit.jpg

Really please how these turned out, I got the side lights just how I wanted them, perfect gradation and difficult to recreate. Lens’s hair picks up the colour really well too!

lenashutter house02076.jpg
lenashutter house02124-Edit.jpg

This is a new setup I’ve been working on, not quite there yet, the fill isn’t right needs to be more prominent. and I think that the key needs a grid on it. The glow in the background needs to be more subtle too.

lenashutter house07490-Edit.jpg
lenashutter house07486-Edit.jpg

Really happy with how these turned out, especially given how difficult they were to get right, I had no tripod, it was way too light and focusing proved impossible as I had forgotten my torch so I was manual focusing too.

lenashutter house06443-Edit.jpg
lenashutter house06452-Edit-2.jpg

This is just a variation on the other shot but really happy with how it turned out.

Really pleased with the results from this shoot, a few things to work on in upcoming shoots and will definitely shoot with Lena again in the new year.